A Shocking Number of Women Avoid the Gym for Fear of Being Judged.

  • Don’t let your gym habit fall to the wayside. Kick your anxiety to the curb and boost your self-confidence with these fitness tips that promise a better workout
  • The list of gym fears goes on. Fifty-five percent of women feel they’re being judged for “not looking fit enough,” 49 percent fret about their clothing choice, and 25 percent fear being stereotyped.

  1. Plan your workout..
    “I don’t suggest walking into a gym and winging it. You want to have a plan.” Before heading to the gym, read-up on a workout routine that will take the guesswork out.
  2. Be a follower.
    Harris says. “That way you can easily follow the more seasoned cardio queens and not feel like all eyes are on you.”
  3. Report harassment.
    5 percent of women reported being sexually harassed at the gym. “There is no excuse for sexual harassment and you should report anyone to management immediately if you feel harassed or threatened in any way.
  4. Remember your goals.
    Even if you don’t believe it yet, act as if you feel the confidence. If you arrive at a gym prepared, with a workout in hand, you won’t have time for anything else other than a good sweat.”
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