You Can Do This Prenatal Pilates Workout Anywhere There’s Room for an Exercise Mat

Grokker, an online wellness resource, eliminates any excuse by providing high-quality, high-definition video content you can watch in your living room—or wherever you may be. (No socks needed).

Pregnant or not, Pilates can be a great workout. (Here are eight reasons why every woman should try it.) It strengthens your muscles while improving elasticity and joint mobility, and while it can be a bit more challenging when there’s a bun in the oven, it’s not something you have to avoid altogether. This routine, designed by Grokker expert Jaime McFaden, incorporates moves that will not only keep you strong overall, but also pay extra attention to safety. Plus, it can be done anywhere there’s room for an exercise mat, which is pretty clutch if you don’t want to slog your way to the gym.

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